Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kickin it with my Knee Highs

This was the first warm fall day of the season. We had the Friday off, and set out for an adventure. We first needed to grab some bloody marys then it was off to the thrift store for some shenanagans!

Skirt: 213; Top: A&F button down; Scarf: Handmade; Shoes: Faryl Robin
 Oh and then we found a school bus to take some pics on. 

Everybody move to the back of the bus!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wooly Bully Circle Scarves

This past weekend I went home for a some relaxation and family time. My mom had told me she
had knit a few circle scarves, but when I came home I found she had made about 40 of these
absolutely amazing scarves. Funky, cool, and so soft I immediately snagged a few for myself. 
I was so amazed at these scarves, I created her an Etsy store which she named "Wooly Bully."
Check it out: Wooly Bully

The scarf I claimed for myself is with this awesome furry yarn from Italy. Sooo soft.
Shorts: Urban Outfitter Outlet ($5); Italian Tights from Marshalls ($6); Boots: Faryl Robin new from
Ebay ($50); Top: H&M ($5); Blazer: Forever 21 ($32)
Belt: Vintage

We were soon on our way to the yarn stores, first the specialty yarn store then Joannes.  The combinations are endless! Here my mom ponders a combo.

Roundin the corner!

I bought about 6 bundles of yarn and now Im making them myself. Be sure to check out our
Etsy Store: Wooly Bully!